The City & Chamber of Commerce of Rancho Cordova present

The New
RCity App

Our new mobile app ✌ that rewards community members with RCity Stars,
our exclusive local rewards program!!

A city to be proud of

Connect and do your part

RCity app connects the city, local businesses, and customers to make Rancho Cordova stronger, more engaged, and the kind of place we’re all excited to call home ❤️.

Unlock our city's hidden secrets

Discover Rancho Cordova

RCity is designed to empower community members to shop local and experience their city like never before. It shines a spotlight 🌟 on the unique stories around the city and awards you with RCity Stars for supporting local and independent businesses.

How it works

Making an impact is easy 💪🏻

1Experience your city

Discover city stories, events, and join reward offers.


Shop at local participating businesses and earn back RCity Stars, according to the reward offers you joined.


Shop with your RCity Stars at select businesses.

Download and discover reward offers!

Get more information on how it works

Get more information on how it works


Are you a local business owner? Join today!

RCity gives you a way to attract more customers, engage with them and boost revenue while supporting the Rancho Cordova community.

Good for local business

Boost your business

Get spotted

The app shines a spotlight on your business so locals get to know it.

Reward offers

The app includes reward offers at businesses like yours, so RCity users can earn Stars when they shop.

Accept Stars as payment

You’ll be featured as a business where users can redeem their Stars.

Join and become a beloved RCity spot! 👉