About Us

Founded in 2014, we pioneered innovative solutions with place the economic and social well-being of cities in the hands of local communities. We are 40 people in the US, UK and Israel and has raised $35M from major VC investors.

Our mission:
Our mission is to help cities achieve their strategic goals by getting citizens to take action

Our Values

Feel at home

Home is where we feel belonging, where we are encouraged to engage in open dialogs with everyone, where we always see each other, where we are treated respectfully, and where we are meaningful.

Rise to the occasion

Opportunities to rise are all around us all the time. We value individuals and teams that act on opportunities, do the unexpected and go above and beyond, leading the path to excellence.

Succeed and fail together

We are united with a mutual belief in our mission and share the drive to succeed. We support and empower each other to be at our very best, and therefore, whether we fail or succeed, it is us, as a collective, that reflects or rejoices, together.

Constantly evolving

Change is the ultimate constant. Through feedback, insights, data, research, and brainstorming, we always strive to adapt, be the change, dare, learn, iterate, try, and evolve, so we can be better and do better.

Our Investors

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