About Us

Founded in 2014, we pioneered innovative solutions with place the economic and social well-being of cities in the hands of local communities. We are 40 people in the US, UK and Israel and has raised $35M from major VC investors.

Our mission:
Our mission is to help cities achieve their strategic goals by getting citizens to take action

Our Values

Do the right thing even when it’s hard

When business conflicts with doing the right thing, we will go above and beyond to do the right thing.

Make everyone feel at home

We make everyone feel at home, even at the office. Home to us is with our family.

Respect people’s time

Time is precious. We treat other people's time as if it is our own.

Aim to make others successful

Our success is measured by how we make others successful. We promote and support everyone so that they can achieve their best possible results.

Continuous improvement

We believe in continuous improvement through feedback and learning. We foster feedback and open to hear different views.

Ridiculously transparent

We are as open and transparent about everything, be it good or bad.

Succeed and fail together

We share collectively the joys of success and we are all accountable for the path that leads to it.

Rise to the occasion

We believe in rising to the occasion when opportunities present themselves. We do so both as a team as well as individuals. This means that we do not settle on “good” when "great" can be achieved.

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