Black Lives Matter Statement

“During these unprecedented times we feel that our mission is – more than ever – to connect cities with small businesses, residents and communities. As a child growing up in a neighborhood where I did not feel safe nor empowered, I deeply understand the importance of having access to opportunities and equality. This is why today we want to offer cities a platform that promotes inclusivity and diversity, and why we are focused on supporting black-owned businesses” – Amos Meriri, Colu’s CEO

Here at Colu, we’re committed to creating inclusive communities where people of all backgrounds feel connected and empowered. Since our beginning in 2014, we have been conscious of the systemic issues that inhibit Black entrepreneurs and are constantly working to create equal opportunities, as well as bettering ourselves as a company, as employees, and, ultimately, as a member of society.

On our platform, we have always been committed to supporting black-owned and minority-owned businesses, but we acknowledge that there is still a long way to go.

These are the action items we are committing to in order to contribute to positive change:

  • Educate our employees on the marginalization of BIPOC on both micro and macro levels by hosting inclusivity workshops and sharing educational resources through employee channels
  • Promote black-owned businesses on our platforms and create programs and initiatives that incentivize residents to shop at them
  • Allow residents to donate their cashback rewards to non-profit organizations that work towards providing equal opportunities for minorities
  • Educate local government partners and potential government partners about using Colu’s technology to create inclusive and equitable initiatives. 

We are continually educating ourselves about these issues and understand the importance of supporting Black communities around the world. 


Amos & the team at Colu

June 17th, 2020