Park & Ride

Park & Drive Use-Case To Encourage Riding With Public Transportation 

Cities are much more than a place to live in. In the face of today’s challenges, they can thrive only when residents feel connected and empowered, and only if they provide a viable alternative to live more economically, environmentally and socially responsible lives. 

Mobility is a key factor in achieving this – It is so much more than how one gets from point A to point B. Nowadays it’s viewed as a means to connect residents with employment opportunities, their everyday errands, social and cultural experiences, and everything else we call ‘city life’.

Under the mobility use case, Colu functions as a rewards platform designed to encourage residents to move around the city in ways that contribute to local livelihood & sense of community. 

Our value proposition for cities is:

  • Better personalise mobility solutions to residents’ everyday walk of life in the city
  • Increase adoption and use of mobility solutions through engagement and city coins rewards which offer choice and flexibility
  • Connect the value of mobility solutions to the wellbeing of the community
  • Provide a platform for different city partners to collaborate and support mobility goals

How Does It Work?

Colu offers cities an interactive city card powered by a unique city coin, to encourage residents to change their mobility habits, and instead to adopt public, shared and other innovative mobility solutions. Residents will be rewarded for taking everyday actions which collectively contribute to the area’s local livelihood and sense of community.

Practically, the platform allows residents and people who regularly visit the city, to be rewarded for moving around the city and experiencing what it has to offer in ways that contribute to making it a better place for everyone – through “City stories” in the Colu app. For example, a City Story can be such that residents are rewarded for shopping at local independent businesses while using public transportation to reach and explore the area. Another example of a City Story can reward residents for exploring the unique spots of a certain neighborhood by trying green modes of mobility, like bikes or scooters. 


January 23rd, 2020