“Green Label Businesses״ In Tel Aviv Jaffa

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The Tel Aviv Municipality is leading the “Green Label Initiative” that is all about encouraging and advising businesses on sustainable management. Businesses following the different guidelines are becoming part of this new sustainability network. The City goal: “Recruiting a large number of businesses in the city to adopt the Label, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses”.

The Tel-Aviv Jaffa Municipality Wanted To Encourage The Following Two Behaviours:

  1. Promote “Green Label” businesses for taking part in the program to attract more businesses and become more sustainable.
  2. To create “Awareness” with the residents about the “green badge” and two create real civic action by rewarding residents for purchasing in the businesses.

Together with the city, Colu designed the right incentive and story that will create the maximum impact with the minimum marketing budget. Residents who purchase in the businesses who are part of the network five times are being rewarded with 25 TLV. The campaign improved the awareness in Tel-Aviv for the Green Label Initiative and drove 50K USD to the business with 2,600 transactions in one month.

January 1st, 2020

“Green label businesses” card in the app

“Green label” official municipal seal