Saving Our Local Businesses

Colu’s technology helps cities reward residents for shopping local and participating in municipal communications to prepare for and recover from Coronavirus

Immediate Impact in

(March 17-31, 2020)

  • More than 4,000 residents have joined the Shop Local initiative
  • US $145,000 revenues for Small Businesses In the city
  • Business owners reported 30% of their economic activity came from Colu users

Help support Small businesses in less than 30 days

We know we have to act fast – Colu creates a custom city-branded platform in 30 days with six steps:

Step 1


SWOT analysis, goals, actions and execute commercial agreement.

Step 2

Create Custom App

Customized city-branded mobile app

Step 3

Create Content

Onboard local Businesses and sponsors

Step 4

Launch app

App is live and ready for the city to use

Step 5

Download App

and accumulate coins by taking specific predefined actions

Step 6

Redeem City-Coins

branded coins at small businesses throughout the city

How Do We
Help Cities?

  • Instant and effective communication
    from municipal leaders (for example, residents are rewarded for watching short educational video clips)
  • Rewarding volunteering efforts
  • Rewarding residents for completing surveys or reporting 311 call center

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Solutions From All Over the world

In response to the requests and in order to optimize our tech for a targeted and effective solution for Coronavirus, we studied efforts taken in cities and countries globally; we identified key solutions that have been beneficial in helping fight the virus, and incorporated them into our platform.For more information and tools feel free to contact us directly, or to check our recent post.