Meaningful Customer Relationships

Colu app encourages local purchases by rewarding urban actions with City Coins. Powered by innovative technology, Colu connects people, businesses and city institutions and generates shared prosperity that benefits everyone.

Your Business

  • Grow Your Business

    Tap into the city budgets and gain new customers that are being rewarded by the city for different actions, be the one they choose to redeem their rewards and increase your revenues.
  • Your Own Marketing Platform

    Use the platform to publish your story and reward your customers with city coins in times to attract visitors
  • Get Discovered

    When you join the Colu network, users are notified of relevant rewards relating to your business when they are nearby
  • Connect With Your Clients

    Connect, retain and create meaningful relationships with your consumers in ways that have been accessible only to big chains and brands

Our Impact

Residents and businesses telling our story.
“We saw 30%-40% increase in the traffic to businesses in Jerusalem Boulevard”
Ayelet Vaserman, Economic Development in TLV
“Amazing results - 290,000 ILS revenue and brand exposure to 44,260 users”
Adi Ashkenazi, Environmental and Sustainability Authority
“We need the best solutions for our resilient cities and the city currency is one of them”
Lina Liakou, Regional Director, 100 Resilient Cities
“This Colu-based promotion makes us feel that the city cares about our situation”
David Benana, Tel-Aviv Merchant
“We really need the city currency for some of the city projects”
Grainia Long Commissioner of Resilience, Belfast
“Buyers come here asking about this City Coin”
Effie, a butcher at Meir's Butchery
“A lot of people are praying that this rise in revenue will continue”
Noa Mondstein, Noa's Underwear
“By partnering the private sector with the municipality, we can improve the quality of life”
Dr Hila Oren, Tel Aviv Foundation
“Buyers come here asking about this discount”
Meir, a butcher at Meir's Butchery
“I use the app on a daily basis”
Ben, a Jaffa resident

Bring Colu To My City

We now understand that the power is by joining with those who share the same goals as us. The same mission in mind.

Colu can create and support your city’s community.